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Alex Garcia

Fitness Trainer

£50 (hourly)
Chiswick, London
Specialty areas
  • body building
  • hiit training
  • weight loss
  • physique toning
  • hypertrophy training
  • strength and conditioning
  • weight training
  • mobility an flexibility
  • endurance training
  • advanced circuit training
  • military bootcamp coach

Hi, I'm Alex, and my job is to make you stronger, fitter, healthier and happier. What I specialise in: 1) Helping you lose annoying fat, toning up an losing weight 2) Getting you to where you want to be with your goals and keeping you motivated to create new goals and keep improving As a coach, there’s no better feeling than helping people feel better, get in shape and feel more confident. Being ultra shredded or toned is not the most important thing in the world, but getting rid of love handles and belly fat can change lives! My aim is to help you create lasting change without starving yourself, counting calories 24/7, or spending every waking hour in the gym. I’m there to challenge you, but also guide and support you along the way. I also love helping people get ready for athletic competition, whether it's a Tough Mudder, Spartan race a up an coming event or to help empower an improve fitness for work related training assessments. I have worked with numerous types of athletes and civil service personnel - amateur body builders, amateur boxers MMA fighters, an Military personnel. So If you'v read this far well done that just shows you are that committed person after all so if you would like to make that change with a hands on professional personal trainer book an appointment and let's work on your goals

  • Reps personal trainer Les Mills (grit) group instructor First aid certified Diploma in sports nutrition

Training is so many things to so many people some it's a choice some it's a requirement for some it's a life style I've often found that exercise can be great for building a good character it disciplines the mind focuses the brain gives you a great feeling of achievement and trains the body it can help so many people writhed it's a mobility issue a weight or mental wellness issue to be physically active has so many benefits for all of us so stop making excuses and start your fitness journey today

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Client testimonials
Andrew chew
Yo Alex! I'm flying off to South Africa today! They moved my flight forward a couple days! Shame I didn't get to see you before I left. Just want to say thanks so much for the training and helping me push through to do things I didn't think I could do. You're a great trainer. Be as good as you can and I'll catch you on the other side brother! 💪🏻😎
Trainer’s location

Chiswick, London

  • Ages - Adults, Seniors
  • Session duration - 60 Minutes
  • Years Training: 3 Years
  • Registration No: R0160532