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Cécilia Ngansi

Fitness Trainer

£38 (hourly)
Specialty areas
  • nutritional plan fat loss muscle tone and development fitness full body stretching pre-post natal senior

Each one is different and has their own lifestyles, interests,background and goals... My name is Cécilia :) , after 10years in a dance school, 1year and half as a manager in a sport equipment store and 5 years as an area chief for an underwear company in France, I have decided to use these experiences to run my own business in health and fitness for everyone. That's the reasons why I have created Health-C-fit No diet, only rebalancing food adapted to your life. No exercises you can't stand, only personalised and varied programs with progression Whatever your reasons, physics conditions and age are, there is something for you. Let's start your amazing journey and " together we'll reach your own goals"

  • Certified personal trainer Level 3 REPS

Balance : Through my experiences I have seen that being a teenager, a student, a person with is looking for a job, an active person sedentary or mobile, a traveller, an athletic, a mum, dad, senior, post injury... we all feel good and it complicated sometimes to find a good balance between our lives, well being and adapted physical activities. I have created Health-C-Fit to respond to what you are looking for, with personal programs, schedules and a GOOD BALANCE between nutrition & physical activities

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  • 12% off on your workout plans for 3 months subscription
  • Ages - Adults, Seniors
  • Session duration - 60 Minutes
  • Years Training: 2 Years
  • Registration No: R0170509
  • Insurance No: I4S454780