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Josef Joof

Fitness Trainer

£35 (hourly)
PureGym Reading Basingstoke Road, Basingstoke Road, Reading
Trainer travels up to 20 miles
Specialty areas
  • bodybuilding
  • muscle gain
  • fat loss
  • body confidence
  • sports specific
  • boxing
  • speed and agility
  • strength and conditioning
  • rehabilitation

I’m a very highly motivated individual that has a passion for sports since I can remember and I have a passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals and help them succeed and have a good knowledge of sports and exercise as a whole , I am only 19 years old and train competively for athletics and also football but looking to start competing in bodybuilding . I want to give people the confidence to Gain exercise knowledge and enjoy exercise whilst changing life

  • Level 3 personal trainer
  • Level 2 fitness instructor
  • Boxing instructor
  • Fat burn instructor
  • Circuit training instructor
  • Sports specific trainer

I like to train at high intensity either it being doing heavy weights for loads of reps which will help with endurance and also hypertrophy which will help you gain muscle size and I also believe In doing supersets so doing one exercise after another which is great for Burning fat and building muscle . I’m terms of my philosophy I believe ‘ go hard or go home ‘ or even as they say No pain no gain it’s that simple if you are not pushing yourself then how do you expect to make improvements . The next day after training should hurt but it’s a good thing it means the workout the day before worked and your body will start to improve which is good . If you want to gain muscle then I believe you should aim for a high rep range as it helps increase size and also the movement of the exercise using every contraction to your advantage as it’s not about how heavy the weight is it’s about how your form is !! . Then when it comes to loosing weight it’s very simple you have to be in a calorie deficit too lose weight which means you should be burning more calories than you are eating , this is where most People go wrong as yes there training is good but there diet isn’t . Like they say ‘ you are what you eat ‘ . So if your goal is to loose weight the main thing to understand that nutrition is the most important source when it comes to loosing weight followed by exercising

Client testimonials
Bradley knight
Josef is an amazing personal trainer I highly recommend and he makes each session very fun and also gets harder and harder everytime , also values your aims and supports you 24/7 which is great . Josef pushes you to do more and go beyond your breaking point which I love , if you want to get fantastic results then have Josef as your personal trainer
I have been doing personal training with Josef for 2 months now and he has helped me incredible amounts when it comes to my knowledge of exercise and also the foods I should be having to help me loose weight . He has a real passion for personal training and every session is challenging and high intensity which I love , also has a very unique and creative approach to each session which makes it enjoyable every time . If you are looking for a personal trainer at an affordable rate I highly recommend Josef
Marcus cokerill
Josef is a very good personal trainer at first I wasn’t sure about personal training as I wasn’t sure I would get a lot out of it but ever since I have been doing personal training sessions with Josef I have loved it and have been doing it for 3 months . I use to do the same old stuff boring cardio ect but now every time I go in the gym there’s a whole load of exercises I can do thanks to Josef . Highly recommend great guy that wants to help you get the best possible results and feel confident in fitness
Trainer’s location

PureGym Reading Basingstoke Road, Basingstoke Road, Reading

Trainer is willing to travel up to 20 miles.
Training locations
  • Certain gyms
  • Sports park
  • Home personal training
Special Offers
  • Group session for 2= £50
  • Group session for 3= 60
  • Group session for 4= 70
  • Ages - Adults
  • Session duration - 60 Minutes
  • Years Training: 2 Years