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Karis Mcrae

Fitness Trainer

£60 (hourly)
Hammersmith, London
Specialty areas
  • 🔹️body confidence 🔹️body fat reduction 🔹️muscle tone & development 🔹️advanced circuit training 🔹️weightlifting 🔹️strength & conditioning 🔹️endurance training 🔹️mobility & flexibility 🔹️nutritional guidance & support 🔹️postural correction

After many years struggling with body confidence and a negative self-imagine, due largely to an unhealthy lifestyle and poor choices paired with a few tragic life stories – cue the violins – , I started a personal journey into improving not only my physical, but psychological wellbeing. I not only went from overweight, over indulging, low in energy, self esteem, confidence, motivation and will power to healthy, strong and confident, but I also went on to win 3rd place ‘physique model’ with UK Ultimate Physiques 2017. Not only was I a ‘regular’ woman, I was the underdog with just 6 weeks preparation – 16 is recommended – , no professional coach and no prior experience (I never was one to do things by halves!). If I can transform not only my body & lifestyle, but the mindset and habitual thinking that kept me repeating negative cycles of behaviour there is absolutely no reason why with the the correct support and a desire for change that you cannot also.

  • Certified and insured personal trainer
  • Advanced Circuit trainng
  • Advanced boxing
  • Award winning - UK Ultimate Physiques Athlete 2017 First Aid certified
  • .

My approach is holistic as I treat each individual and body as a whole. I believe everything begins with the mind, our thougts, our belief systems, our self talk and our outlooks. If we can change our thinking we can achieve anything.

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Hammersmith, London

  • Ages - Kids, Adults, Seniors
  • Session duration - 60 Minutes
  • Years Training: 5 Years