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Pennie Varvarides

Fitness Trainer

£60 (hourly)
Finsbury Park, London
Specialty areas
  • ◾strength and conditioning ◾athletic performance ◾weight loss ◾nutrition ◾martial arts

I help people find their inner strength and body confidence through strength training. I work with beginners through to more advanced athletes. I'm based at the PureGym in Finsbury Park. Check out for more info or follow me on Instagram @superpennie

  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Evidence-Based Nutritionist – MacNutritionUni
  • England Athletics Coach in Running Fitness
  • England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness
  • Posture Analysis and Correction
  • 2nd Dan Blackbelt
  • Philosophy Degree from King's College London
  • Journalism Postgrad from PMA

Whether you’re looking for that push to get off the sofa or you’re training for your next hardcore competition, I can help you. I work with clients to hit their personal fitness goals on an individual level because we all know there is no one-size fits all when it comes to being healthy. I am not a transformation coach and I won’t promise you the body of your dreams in six weeks because I think it’s unrealistic and unhealthy. What I will promise you is a stronger body, a stronger mindset and the ability to walk around in real life – as well as the gym – with confidence. Reaching your goals is about more than what you do in the gym. That’s why I support my clients beyond our sessions, with plans and guidance and a community of like-minded individuals who support each other. For a sense of this spirit come to my strength class at 7.30am on Tuesdays. I know that getting fit isn’t easy, especially if you’re trying to do it alone. Believe me, I’ve been there. I’ve been trapped in that cycle of diet, diet, binge; of train, train, nothing. I broke the cycle by changing my approach; by changing my mindset. And I help clients make the lifestyle changes they need to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again. I give my clients the tools they need to come in by themselves and get on with the work – even if they’re starting from complete beginners. Forming healthy habits and breaking bad ones isn’t as hard as it may feel. And though it may look like it, this isn’t a battle of will. I can help you find what works for you – and we’re going to have fun doing it. All you need to do is want it.

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Client testimonials
Grace Cullen
“When I started training with Pennie, I had a reasonable fitness level, but always had little niggles that had held me back. During my first session, Pennie identified a weakness in my ankle (from a break years ago) that was causing me to exercise in all kinds of weird ways without me realising it! Right away Pennie starting teaching me ways to strengthen my ankle and improve flexibility. Being mindful of this weakness totally changed the way I approached the gym. I’d never really done any weights work before and was pretty intimidated at first! But Pennie explained everything in a way that made perfect sense – telling me how and why getting stronger was the key to getting fitter, almost immediately I noticed improvements in my running technique and my ability to run faster for longer. One thing I’ve always wanted to do was a press up but had totally given up as it felt so far from reach. Pennie helped me use bands and taught me how to better control my core, and over time I got there! They’re still not perfect, but I felt so proud when I managed the first set and Pennie was so proud for me too! “I couldn’t recommend Pennie highly enough, she worked with me to identify what was important to me, so I always felt I was making progress in areas that I wanted to focus on. Training was never boring, I felt like we tried new things out each week and I was introduced to so many new techniques, machines and pieces of equipment, including my new favourite – the skier! The things I learnt and the changes I made during our training will always stay with me, Pennie’s advice and guidance helped me get stronger, fitter and more confident.”
Kate Jones
“I started training with Pennie coming up to a year ago. I’d always gone to the gym on and off and had seen a Personal Trainer before, so knew the importance of choosing the right one. I came to Pennie after going to her FatBurn classes, in which she pushed me every week and encouraged me to up the weight and try harder variations of the exercises in the class. She was also really friendly and approachable, which is just as important when you have to spend a few hours with someone every week! “My initial goal was to drop to a size 12. I reached this goal within just three months, through a mix of weights and conditioning work. Pennie gave me my own programme so I felt confident coming to the gym and using the free weights room outside of our sessions. She made sure to teach me, so I was capable of training solo. She also provided me with nutritional advice – but nothing unrealistic, as the focus was on losing and maintaining the weight as opposed to a quick win where I’d put it all back on straight away. “Since hitting my initial weight loss goal, I’ve been able to focus on getting strong, learning new things (e.g. Olympic Lifting) and improving my technique. I genuinely look forward to our sessions every week and I love being able to pick heavy sh*t up. I’ve also been able to meet some of her other awesome clients in her weekly strength & conditioning class, where there is a real sense of community and encouragement whatever your level; and we often train together outside sessions. “All in all, the best PT ever and a truly decent person who loves helping others. I can’t wait to see where I am In a year’s time.”
Ria McMahon
When I contacted pennie I was a gym newbie looking to start working out and eating healthier to help with my anxiety, and 7 months down the line and it has worked wonders. My anxiety is under control, I am feeling so much stronger and healthier and I am truly feeling better than ever before and so motivated with the changes I am seeing and all the amazing advice I get from her. She has the patience of a saint and has the perfect balance of pushing me and encouraging me. I really look forward to our sessions which are always fun and different and make me feel amazing. One of the best decisions ever! thanks Pennie
Trainer’s location

Finsbury Park, London

Special Offers
  • 30 for small group PT (2-3)
  • Ages - Kids, Adults, Seniors
  • Session duration - 60 Minutes
  • Years Training: 5 Years