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Simon Mesner

Fitness Trainer

£65 (hourly)
Limehouse, London
Specialty areas
  • event preparation such as ultra-events athletic performance enhancement weight loss strength and conditioning running gait analysis rehabilitation

Simon trained as a physiotherapist from 1992, graduating with honours in 1996 from King’s College University, London. After completing his junior rotations through the different specialities at the Royal Free Hospital, London, he specialised in outpatient neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy (spinal pain/dysfunction; joint problems and other musculoskeletal injuries including sports injuries) in the private sector for 6 years. During this time, he began his progression to becoming a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist as well as gaining further post graduate qualifications in Sports Physiotherapy from the Manchester Metropolitan University. He also furthered an interest in analysing movement patterns and coaching of enhanced motor control with formal training (Kinetic Control). After a career break travelling around the world, with further post graduate training he became a Clinical Specialist and eventually a Clinical Director at Back in Action UK, London. He completed an MSc. in Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy, with merit, at Keele University in 2013. This qualification also elevated him to being a Kinetic Control Movement Therapist, a method to analyse and correct movement patterns. During his time at Back in Action and more latterly back at the Princess Grace Hospital, London, he worked with more clients without traditional physiotherapy problems but who required specific fitness coaching (including personal training) or health and wellbeing coaching. A particular speciality was personal training case management for clients wishing to undertake major physical challenges such as running a marathon or ultra-events such as the Marathon des Sables across the Sahara Desert. He also treated more complex rehabilitation clients and those with chronic pain, often referred to him by junior colleagues. His post graduate training (other than his formal University qualifications) reflected this alteration to his client group with training on diet, hydration, refuelling/rehydration, strength and power training, cognitive behavioural therapy, endurance training and the psychology of athletic performance. Following a variety of external influences, he had the opportunity and motivation to set himself up in business and the idea of Super Fit was conceived. The Super Fit mission is to provide high quality personal training, coaching and treatment that is science based as well as drawing on extensive experience. It does not offer ‘fast results’ and won’t agree to or set unrealistic goals. Results will come from a collaboration of detailed analysis, the appliance of science, mutually agreed goals and hard work. Each athlete/client is an individual case and any programme will be bespoke. Simon has worked successfully with a wide variety of clients over the past 22 years including amateur and professional athletes, clients undertaking significant fitness/physical challenges, clients with multiple health challenges as well as regular, more traditional physiotherapy patients.

  • Certificate in Professional Studies Sports Physiotherapy Manc Met REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer REPs Level 4 Personal Trainer Back Pain
  • Physiotherapy BSc (Hons) KCL Neuromusculoskeletal Healthcare MSc (Merit) Keele

The approach of Super Fit is science based as well as drawing on Simon’s substantial experience. Each programme will be bespoke and address the specifics of that individual. The starting point is a two-part assessment. The spoken assessment or interview will determine what the client would like to achieve and what they are prepared to do to attain their goals. Also discussed will be the client’s activity levels with detailed description required in many cases; the physical demands of the client’s occupation; their current medical status and previous medical history. Other discussed areas will be an outline of the individual’s diet, their perceived sleep quality and quantity and What motivates or de-motivates the client regarding exercise. For those clients who have an active injury or have chronic pain, the assessment will include sections specifically relating to these areas such as a history of the problem and a pain questionnaire. Following the spoken assessment, a summary report and proposed plan for the physical assessment will be generated and emailed to the client. There may be additional information that needs to be acquired such as completing a food or sleep diary. The physical assessment will follow the plan that was set after the spoken assessment. A variety of tests may be used to determine strength, speed, stamina, range of movement, flexibility and skill. The client’s static and dynamic posture will be assessed with attention paid to movement control in appropriate individuals. The results of the physical session will then lead to a programme for the client to embark on. The programme will aim to achieve mutually agreed SMART goals and would include physical drills and exercises as well as mental techniques to enhance achievement. Super Fit will then provide regular reviews with the client with reference to the set goals. Super Fit can provide regular sessions with certain clients but can also refer onto other respected health care professionals for clients to work with, for example personal trainers for regular weekly training sessions or psychologists for more in-depth mental health assessment and treatment. Super Fit does not offer ‘fast results’ and won’t agree to or set unrealistic goals. Results will come from a collaboration of detailed analysis, the appliance of science, mutually agreed goals and hard work. The analysis of each individual will be particular and cater to the desires of the client. The Super Fit training approach is science based, is comprehensive (diet, sleep, rest, re-fuelling and re-hydration will all be covered where appropriate) and has been influenced by technique/motor control analysis and correction, Black Box thinking (analysing and learning from mistakes), the theory of marginal gains and the theory of deliberate practise used by expert performers. Any programme will also mitigate the risk of injury with emphasis placed on technique and control both physically and mentally. The Super Fit rehabilitation approach follows the best evidence in the literature combined with over 20 years of experience. There will be plenty of overlap with this and the training approach but differs significantly as pathology is/has been present and immature tissue is being influenced in the programme to attaining full fitness. Coming under the supervision of Super Fit means that all of your health and wellbeing needs will be addressed or if Super Fit cannot assist then onward referral to an appropriate professional will be provided.

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Limehouse, London

Special Offers
  • Discounts offered for blocks of prepaid sessions
  • Ages - Adults, Seniors
  • Session duration - 30-90 Minutes
  • Years Training: 22 Years