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Steven Oligbo

Fitness Trainer

£50 (session)
East, London
Trainer travels up to 10 miles
Specialty areas
  • *body fat % reduction*
  • *weight loss/managment*
  • *lean muscle and development*
  • postural assesment & corrective exercise analysis and plan to correct though core training (back care)
  • body fat % testing
  • liver & kidney detoxification for optimal fat loss
  • bespoke exercise plan for your natural shape & lifestyle
  • tailored micro/macro nutritional guidance plan
  • flexibility enhancement
  • persistant motivation boxing
  • core stability
  • cardiovascular endurance

During my experience as a Personal Trainer for several years, I have worked with different people with various commitments and objectives. Ranging from postural corrective exercises to tailored body fat percentage reduction programs, whatever it may be, I guarantee you 100% co-operation ensuring I focus on your needs, wants & ultimate goals. The first steps with training will be a challenge, but I want to be with you throughout your fitness journey. I aim to offer innovative and lively workouts to create new stimulus for your body but also effective and precise exercises to allow results to emerge. My philosophy is simply "consistency and productivity will always amount to results". Not only am I here to improve you physically, but to monitor your mindset, nutrition, health, well-being and progress outside of the gym environment.

  • YMCA Certified Personal Trainer
  • YMCA Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • NASM Postural Assessment & Corrective Exercise Trainer
  • NASM Kettlebell Instructor
  • NASM Advanced Nutritionist For Weight Management
  • NSAM Advanced Nutritionist For Physical Performance
  • BA Hons Business Management

My philosophy is simply "CONSISTENCY + PRODUCTIVITY = RESULTS!"

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Trainer’s location

East, London

Trainer is willing to travel up to 10 miles.
Training locations
  • Gyms
  • Residential Gyms
  • Local Parks
  • Hotels
  • Home Training
  • Private Accomodation
  • Ages - Adults, Seniors
  • Session duration - 60 Minutes
  • Years Training: 6 Years