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Zoi Constantinidou

Fitness Trainer

£20 (hourly)
Holloway, London
Specialty areas
  • •weight loss•persistant motivation•muscle tone and development•body confidence•body fat reduction

After my own struggles with weight I decided to join a gym, work hard and become healthier. There is no day I regret this decision, I feel like a new person with much more life in me and happiness. Before I started my journey I often felt depressed and disappointed with myself for reaching 100kg. That's when I said enough is enough. I have managed to lose 35kg and keep it away for good! This personal experience puts me in a unique position to fully understand how tough it is to lose weight and keep it off. This drove me to become a Personal Trainer. Being a certified Personal Trainer provides me with the tools and knowledge to help people lose weight and get them back in shape. Ultimately, helping people reach their fitness goals is what fuels my passion.

  • FFUK certified Personal trainer level 3
  • FFUK Certifaid Personal Trainer level 3

If i were to articulate"philosophy" in my training approach ,it would be that: 1. I listen to the client's goals and i assess the client's mechanics as well as i am capable. 2.My approach is to train"from the inside out",meaning that i try to bring the client into better alignment,work on inbalances and on tge muscles that stablize the core including hips and shoulders. 3.I also like to train"from the bottom up" ,creating a stable base with good balance .

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Client testimonials
Adam Helal Director
Zoooooooooey is amazing. Her Inspiring, holistic and fun approach has transformed my body in less than 6 weeks. I look forward to every session with her.
Stefanos Constantinidis
I managed to gain 10kg in 2 months ... I was so desperate to lose weight that i stop eating ... When my Sister, Zwe came for vacations, and saw the change she motivated me to lose 10kg in just 1 month ... At first it was very difficult for me but with consistent workout and meal programs that my sister provided me i managed to regain my fitness and I'm grateful for my beautiful and motivational Sister ...
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Holloway, London

Training locations
  • Online via zoom
Special Offers
  • Single session online £20
  • Slot of 5 sessions online £75
  • Slot of 10 sessions online £140
  • Ages - Adults, Seniors
  • Session duration - 60 Minutes